BNS Industrial BV is your partner in technical textiles for applications in advanced composites and anti ballistics.

We are based in the Netherlands and supply customers around the world, with the main part of our business concentrated in the European Union. The focus of BNS Industrial is on carbon and aramid reinforcements such as fabrics, axials and tapes. Having said that, BNS Industrial supplies also materials coated with either thermoset or thermoplastic systems.

Beside our quality products, our customers value the speed and flexibility in which BNS Industrial makes things happen. We realise that speed and flexibility are of strategic importance in today's open and global economy, and we like to contribute to our customers in realising this.

The company has an innovative character and we participate with universities, forums and our customers in developing new products that serve the needs of tomorrow.

In our production and sales highly skilled technicians work hard to satisfy the requests of each and every client. Their work can entail the simple creation of a new weave pattern or complex product developments that require a clear understanding how the matrix of reinforcement, resins, and production process interact.

In many cases new products and innovations require a close collaboration between BNS and the client company for a joint development project.

In the defense industry and law enforcement our aramid structures are widely used for body armour,  fragmentation and bullet proof vests, helmets and hand held shields as well as for backing of inserts. In vehicles that need protection against bullets and fragments our fabrics are used as panels, blankets, spall liners, floor panels, and so on.

In the composite industry our carbon and carbon-aramid structures are mainly used to produce strong light weight sollutions for industrial applications, automotive, yachting and surf, sporting goods, aerospace and anti ballistics.